March 28, 2010

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Finally, I've started Twitter!!!
Haven't really figured out how to use it yet, but Please follow me~ :D

まだ仕組みも把握できていない上、なにをどのタイミングでつぶやくのかよくわかっていません…が、のんびりやってみようかな〜と思っています、よろしくお願いします。follow me~ :D

More photos from our Group Show

I have uploaded more photos
HERE on my Flickr.
Hope you enjoy them!

「しあわせを描く、4人のキモチ」展の写真をこちら アップしてみました。ぜひ見て下さいね!

March 25, 2010

Happiness!!! Thank you♥

Thank you Thank you to everyone who came to our group show last week at DAZZLE.

I had a great time meeting and talking with many people during the show. It was a big challenge for me to try Iwaenogu, a traditional Japanese pigment made from natural minerals, and I still need more practice painting with Iwaenogu, but have enjoyed using them very much. I am really happy with my new work and HOPE everyone enjoyed our show.

Thanks to Gallery DAZZLE, all the members, CWCcwc-i and everyone who always support  me and my work♥

I will upload more photos soon.