April 11, 2011

A month since 3.11...




It's been a month since 3.11... Spring is on its way here  and I hope everyone will have a chance to take time and enjoy the pale pink of sakura flowers...

I've been doing a lot of drawings since 3.11. Thank you to YOKO from moleskinerie for sharing my drawings.  My sister has translated the article on moleskinerie into English for me as follows.

People often say they can find peace of mind by writing or drawing in the Notebook. How about you? Today, I would like to introduce the case of Chico Hayasaki.

"Since the day after the earthquakes and tsunami devastated Japan, the media was filled with sad news and images. They just broke my heart so much that I could not keep a peaceful mind anymore. In order to regain my equilibrium, I started to draw these illustrations......more like doodles. ^_^ Just drawing quietly in Moleskine helped me calm down and relax my mind. It seems that Moleskine has always given me a chance to take a step forward.
There will be a long and painful recovery ahead.......people are still forced to live at evacuation sites and are suffering. When I think about the people affected by this disaster, I think the first thing we can do is to stay strong for them so we can use our energy to support the relief effort in the future. I can only contribute in a small way, such as saving electricity for now. But I would like to think of more things I can do as I build up my reserves of energy by continuing to draw in my Notebook.
I hope the life of the victims returns to normal and people can live in tranquility as soon as possible."

View Chico's illustration on her facebook.
The previous article on Chico's Moleskine illustrations is here.

*The Notebook can take in your unsettling mind and feelings. If you want to relax your mind, why don't you spend some time drawing or writing in the Notebook?